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Our bedrooms are our sacred place of rest and a place where we feel safe to relax after a long day. Personalise your space with a custom-made Headboard from Kommaweer and add a touch of your personality to your room. Choose textures and colours to round off the décor.

Interior Design

Do you feel like your space needs a little something, but are not quite sure what? Get the professionals to assist! We specialise in all things interior and we can help transform a dull-looking space into a modern and welcoming room!


Worn-out couch cushions are a thing of the past! Head over to Kommaweer with those lumpy cushions and let's re-stuff and reupholster them. Enjoy relaxing on your favourite couch with all new comfort.


Curtains are able to change the appearance of any room entirely depending on size, fabric, colour, and placement. Let our experienced and professional staff assist you in picking the perfect set of curtains for your living spaces.

Loose Covers

Functional, effective and super versatile, Loose Covers offer your couches protection from spills and stains and help shield your furniture from harmful UV rays.

Motor Trimming

After a while, the upholstered parts of your car's interior become worn out. Luckily, we can easily restore those parts back to a dazzling, new appearance!


Installing blinds is one of the easiest and most effective ways to instantly change the look and feel of your home. We make any type of blind to custom size.


Add some final touches to your interior with soft furnishing. From curtains to rugs, cushions and tapestries, we are here to assist you!

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Kommaweer Upholsterers & Curtains in George is an interior decor company established in 1990, with a policy of affordable, high quality workmanship and goods.

Our Service is our Pride!

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● New & Re-Upholstering ● Cushions (all types) ● Curtains (all types)
● Blinds (all types) ● Loose Covers ● Headboards Ottomans
● Motor trimming ● Repair of furniture

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